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 Bridesmaids Dresses – Breaking From Tradition


Although your grandmother might guffaw when she sees your bridesmaids wearing black, you may simply explain that it’s quite the norm these days. She may well be rooted in tradition but may prom dresses 2012secretly be the leader of your cheering section for not conforming.

Allowing your bridesmaids to wear black is practical and at the same time lends an air of sophistication that an off-white dress is incapable of doing. Black has always and will continue to be the colour of choice when it comes to adding mystery to any occasion. Additionally, it gives it that touch of, if you’ll forgive the expression, given that we are referring to a wedding, “sexy”! It is also the most practical dress for any single woman. Long after your betrothed and you have said your “I dos”, each lady can wear her dress to other events, which will save them many a dollar, which can be spent elsewhere.

Variations on the same theme as black are pewter and silver. BothMaternity Wedding Dresses are making inroads within the wedding circuit. Both are equally sophisticated and here’s that word again, sexy. A confident bride wants to bring out the best in her bridesmaids, which can only bode well for you.

Lengths of Dresses

In the same fashion that brides are opting for various dress lengths, so too are bridesmaids. Although tradition dictates for women to wear ankle length dresses, tradition doesn’t have to live with these women when they feel prettier in a tea length or knee length dress. Whether it’s personality or comfort that determines the length of the dress, everyone will be happier if each bridesmaid may determine where her dress falls on her legs. Some are “tomboys” and would prefer not wearing a dress at all, but will compromise by wearing a less elegant dress without a lot of flair. One may be a fashion designer or follow the latest trends and have a hem length you’ve not even considered, such as an asymmetrical one. This is another style that’s breaking tradition at weddings both in Australia and America.

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